Saturday, 5 July 2008

A Day On The Farm

The Tuesday before Woolfest was DS1's playgroup trip. We went to Broomey Croft Childrens Farm for the day.

I had originaly planned it to be just me and DS1 but then my babysitter had to cancel so we had to give up our places on the bus so I could take Bean with us. However when the day of the trip came I managed to get another sitter at short notice so I rang playgroup and managed to get us back on the bus.

We were lucky and got a gorgeous day for the trip bright sunshine but no so hot that it was uncomfortable. The farm is a little one which makes it a perfect size for entertaining 3 and 4 year olds for a few hours. They provided animal food for us DS1 loved feeding the goats though he did get very cross with the one who stole Z's paper bag of food from her and ate it bag and all.

Feeding the Goats

Before lunch we went on a tractor ride round the back of the farm which DS1 declared to be great fun but very bumpy!

On the Tractor Ride

We had a picnic lunch and later the kids had a lolly from the shop before it was time to get back on the bus and come home.

On the Bus Home

Once home it was time for the dieticians appointment. To be honest she didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. He is now confirmed as lactose intolerant and we have been advised to continue with the lactose free diet but to challenge him every so often to see if his tolerance has improved any. The dietician suspects (as I have done for a while now) that the intolerance is hereditry (from me) in which case he will never totally grow out of it. Hopefully though things will improve for him as they have for me. They checked his height and weight again and reviewed his diet with me, suprisingly she seemed quite happy with it and just suggested giving fruit or veg with everymeal in order to get him in the habbit of eating some each meal time.

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