Saturday, 2 August 2008


This is our fourth year of trying to grow veg in one way or another. This year after two rather disapointing years we abandoned our veg plot. I think both me and DH felt a bit sad about it but we have had to be honest and accept that it just doesn't get enough sun early enough in the year to work well. We toyed with the idea of moving it but then the kids would loose alot of garden space and we didn't feel that was fair to them.

So we have set up lots of pots of stuff on the patio. The beans are doing well and so are the courgettes but we normally do fine with them anyway. However this year our carrotts have grown. For the first time ever we have grown decent carrots that I can cook, OK so we had them raw in salad today but still...

So here they are
We grew carrotts!Carrots!!!
Can you tell that I am rather proud of them?

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