Wednesday, 27 August 2008


This year DH decided that we were going to grow some beetroot in the front bed, mainly cos he really likes the foliage and if we got some decent beetroot then that would be a bonus.

As well as beetroot the front bed also has carrots in and several tomato plants in. We didn't put the tomatoes in they have grown from seeds that were in the compost! There are also 2 or 3 of our "weird" plants - no idea what they are called in real life.

Anyway this weekend we got around to seeing how the beetroot have done and this is what we got.
Home Grown Beetroot
Not bad eh? Though I think we'll be planting lots more next year.

We knew none of the kids would want beetroot as a veg so we have pickled them. They need to stand for a few weeks yet but I am really looking forward to home grown and pickled beetroot.

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Nic said...

OOh yum!! Immense jealousy here because I grew beetroot, the foliage looked lovely, I was expecting great things, I pulled it up and they were fiddling little things.
We make 'pink pasta' at our house; cooked beetroot then cook some pasta shells or whatever. While doing that, fry some garlic, chuck the beetroot back in then add the cooked pasta and some cream. Its lovely and of course Lou eats it because it is very PINK!