Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The Simple Pleasures...

...are almost always the best and it can't get much simpler than just spending time with my family.

I have been relishing my new found status as Stay At Home Mum and just enjoying being able to cook tea for the kids, spend time with them in the evening, pop to the shops after school and put them to bed myself every night. It's been a long time since I have been able to do these things but DH has handed over the reigns and we are getting our new routines organised.
It's so nice to have time to stop and play when we are shopping now.29th August 2008

Last week also saw DH starting at his new job, trainee teacher. He is loving it so far though there is alot of work already and the plans sent by the university for the new year look pretty intense. In some ways it is going to be a tough year but in others I hope it will bring us together as a family and it will start DH off on a new career that hopefully he will continue to enjoy as much as he is doing now.

Last Saturday we went over to my mum's for one of her parties. She hired a bouncy castle for the kids All Three Enjoying the Castlewhich they all loved and we got to see her new shed! The New Shed! and a new garden ornament Mum's Latest Garden Ornament
She has chickens too now but I haven't got a pic of the hen house yet. I'll get one next time I go as it is the talk of the lane apparantly ;)

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