Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter Snowday!

We woke up on Sunday morning to find a blanket of snow over everything. Snow looks so beautiful when it's untouched.

We were nice parents though and got everyone dressed up warmly and took ourselves and the kids into the back garden (and later, when we ran out of snow there, the front) for a snowball fight. We ended up rather soggy and cold but we all had great fun.

Even the Bean loved it, such a change from last years snow when he spent the whole day bundled up in my coat.

Later on we organised an indoor egg hunt for DD and DS1. DD had a party at lunch time and then after that we spent the rest of the day chilling out.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Knitting Pictures

Firstly here are my March Socks
DS1's Bed Socks

And here are the first of my series of face cloths
Number 1
Number 2
Number 3 finished

My plan is going quite well at the moment though my planned Butterfly cloth has had to be abandoned due to it needing more concentration than I can currently give it with DH and the kids all at home.

My favourtie current project is my Rainbow Bucket Bag. I am doing this with the lovely MamaLongLegs I Can See A Rainbow yarn. As ever Sarah's yarn is beautiful and of course forgiving of my need to frog it (rolls eyes) only once so far though. This will be my first felting project so watch this space for updates.
Rainbow Bucket 2
Rainbow Bucket 3

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

And on the knitting front....

... My March socks are finished already!!! I am very pleased with myself I have to admit. They are a little loose on DS1 so I need to put a little bit of elastic in the cuffs so they so that they stay on at night.

Next up on the knitting front is some more face cloths, hopefully 3 this month but I want to get at least 2 done.

And when all the illness abates and I manage to catch up with Sarah I will get the yarn to start my felted bag project which I am really looking forward to. Once it is started it will be a nice portable project.

No photos yet as I have a new phone and haven't worked out yet how to tranfer them from the phone to the pc. Though it does have a send to blog function so I might experiment with that at some point.

Thanks Goodness for Mummy Milk!!!

Well what a week so far. Bean has been very poorly this week with the horrid sickness bug that has been doing the rounds. For a couple of days he was either sleeping or feeding with no eating at all. To go with this he has had a raging temperature and hasn't been keeping paracetamol down so I was at one point getting rather worried. Still he has settled down a bit now and is even showing some interest in food again. I'm just real glad that he is still breastfeeding or I think this bug could have been really nasty!

Monday, 10 March 2008

My Precious Fairy

Last Friday was World Book Day and DD's school dressed up for the event. All the teachers wore crocodile hats as there was a traveling theatre company coming in to performe "The Selfish Crocodile" and the kids could go in dressed as a character from a book.

The dressing up came with rather short notice and as DD never wears her dressing up outfits we had given them all, apart from a pair of wings, to the the nursery where DH works at half term. I was saved however by my little sis who had passed on a beautiful party dress which her DD has just outgrown. I got some bands for DD's hair with flowers on and a necklace and braclets and covered the wings in glitter and behold..................

"Heather the Violet Fairy"
DD as Heather the Violet Fairy

I have to admit to being rather proud of the finished outfit. I am not the most creative of people so this is pretty impressive for me particularly the bit where I didn't just go out and buy the latest disney character outfit!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Sleeping Through!

Well sometimes anyway. ;)

Well I guess that the big news in the Miffy household is that we moved Bean into his cot in what is now the boys room. Dh and I decorated the room over half term and moved the cot and of course Bean in with DS1. At first Bean was waking two or three times each night plus waking for his normal 11:00 feed and either DH or I would settle him back down. However he is waking alot less now, sometimes around 12:00 for a feed and then through until almost 6:00 for his morning feed. On Saturday night and Monday night he slept right through from bedtime (7.00) till the morning feed.

I have to be honest I am not sure how I feel about it at the moment, I'm a little suprised as to how well he has transfered from our bed and bedside cot arrangement to just being in his cot and to find that he is now sleeping through as well. Saying that though he has a cold at the moment and was up last night from about 2:20 so maybe our night feeds aren't over yet.

Other news in the Miffy household. It was Mothers Day on Sunday and though I didn't get any kind of a lie in at all I did get tea and toast in bed and a couple of nice presents from the kids. DS1 didn't prove to be too good at keeping secrets though so I already knew what one of them was going to be, that one was the Life In Cold Blood DVD. I also got a book from my Amazon wish list.

I have ordered some fab yarn from Babylonglegs for a felted bag project (TV knitting) and needles and some other bits from Get Knitted so I am currently stalking the postie. I should have collected the yarn on Tuesday and I was really looking forward to a day at Sarah's but sadly DS1 has had conjuctivis and so we have had to put our visit off till next week. With any luck the needles will be here by then and I can get started straight off. I am really looking forward to it, I'll reveal more about the project later with pics!

DS1's bed socks are well underway, the first one is completely finished and the second one is about half way down the cuff. With any luck I might even get to the heel today if I get a bit of peace and quiet.

DH's GTP course stuff has gotten a bit complicated at the moment but it should settle down over the next week or so once he and I and the school make various decisions about the options currently open to us. Hopefully I will have more news on this then.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

February Socks

I've just realised that I haven't yet Blogged my February socks here. I Blogged them on the SAM5 Blog a while back but just hadn't got around to putting them on here. And so I present to you "My February Socks"
February Socks 2

I am really pleased with them and I loved knitting them. I used my Harmonies and I am so pleased with them. Whispers - I have ordered some Harmony Circulars I have enjoyed them that much! Just wish they did straights. ;)

The March socks have been cast on and I am making good progress with them. The first is finished already!!! You've got the love the speed at which childrens socks knit up. DS1 is very pleased with it and is really looking forward to his new bed socks. I am going to have plenty of yarn left (I ordered two balls) so I may knit him a second pair just plain knit at some point.