Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Conversations with Bean

I had a very interesting conversation with Bean this morning.  He is four and half now and getting more and more aware of and fascinated by the world around him.  He starts school in September and though, like I did with Middle and Eldest before him, I am going to miss him terribly he is well ready to go.

This morning I had parcels to post and so walked into town first thing.  In Bean's world a trip to town also means a trip to a coffee shop and who I am to argue. 

So there we are sat enjoying our morning drinks and snacks when the Bean began to tell me all about how you have a home and before you have a home you live in a tummy.  I agreed with him and then he sat for a moment to consider things a bit more.  Now it wasn't too busy in the coffee shop but obviously being four Bean's voice is a bit loud and can carry somewhat.  Next question "how do we get out of tummies?"

I have to admit I bottled it completely.  Normally I'm a great believer in the idea that if they are old enough to ask then they are old enough to know the answer.  Questions are always answered simply but honestly.  Today though I chickened out and just said "I'll tell you later"

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