Monday, 20 June 2011

Seven On Sunday. On Monday Again!

Well that pesky real life has been keeping me busy just lately and I missed last weeks Seven On Sunday completely and this weeks is another of the On Monday types but hey I'm sure no one really cares.

Seven for this week

1) Last Wednesday was Beans last Playgroup trip.  The staff at our fantastic playgroup organise a day trip for the kids and mums/dads each year and we have always had a fantastic time.  Despite the drizzle we had a lovely day out.  Bean thoroughly enjoyed the fair rides and I enjoyed watching him play with all his friends.

2) Rain is good for the garden.  This is me trying to think positively, it has rained rather a lot in the last few days.  However this morning is bright and sunny and it was lovely to walk into town and back in the sunshine.  I suspect if I were to sit out in the garden this morning I could about watch the plants grow.
3)  Friday was day one of the Rally of the East Midlands.  The boys and I dropped Eldest off at Guides and then stayed in town to watch the cars starting off on the first stage.  When Mr Miffy got home he walked into town to join us and we went over to watch the special stage which is run in the council offices.  It rained on us the whole time but Middle didn't care at all and we had a good time.  Sadly it rained (and occasionally hailed) a bit too much for me to take Middle to see the other stages and the finish on the Saturday.

4) Just how hard can it be to photograph a kitten?  The answer to that is "very"  I have a great many photos of a black furry blur and lots more of bits of kitten where he ran away at the vital moment. Meet Castiel.

We gained a rescue kitten about ten days ago.  It was either us or Animal Aid and while Animal Aid do all they can to provide good lodgings for their guests it not the same as a permanent loving home so I could hardly say no.  It seems Mr Miffy couldn't either and so when he was asked he said yes too.  He's now about 13 weeks old and very, very mischievous which of course makes him lots and lots of fun

5) The joy of knitting.  Whilst I always enjoy my knitting there are times when it becomes all consuming and I want to fill every spare moment with it.  I've been extra busy these last few weeks and so knitting time has been extra precious as a result.  If I get organised I'll post a Work In Progress report on Wednesday.

6) New toys for Spike.  Castiel isn't the only creature getting lots of attention this week.  We gave Spikes tank a bit of a make-over this weekend.  He's got a new side piece (fake rock) and a desert background.  It's amazing just how much of a different it has made to our view of his tank.  It's alot easier to look at now there's not a huge glaring expanse of white burning your eye sockets when you try to look in at him.

7) My families health.  Whilst I always know how lucky I am to have my health and for my family to have their health there are times when it comes home to you just how lucky you are.  There is a blog that I have been following for a few years now and the writer had some very sad news to share last week.  I've met Amber a couple of times at Woolfest and I have one of her wonderful Femmes on my shelf.  Her writing has been an inspiration to me in all sorts of ways.  She and Mr Mog are both wonderful, kind, generous people and I wish them both well.  I have them in my thoughts a great deal at the moment.

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