Monday, 6 June 2011

Seven On Sunday On Monday

Well I ran out of day and energy yesterday so my Seven On Sunday didn't happen instead her are my Seven On Sunday On Monday.

My goodness it's June already, I can't believe we are nearly half-way through the year.  Seven good things in my life for this week are

1) Half term and all of us together for lots of family time.

2) Half term meaning that Mr Miffy did the vacuuming for me.  You cannot believe just how much I hate vacuuming so having Mr Miffy do it is a real treat.  To be fair he does more than his share in the holidays and in term time he works so many hours that's it's simply not on to expect him to do housework when I am not going out to work at all.

3) Coffee out with a very good friend. And lunch too!  Our regular Knit and Knatter home is closed at the moment so there's been no evening meetings and as Mr Miffy was home to have the kids I took the opportunity to meet a friend for lunch, coffee and knitting.  A very relaxing and peaceful afternoon was had.  Roll on the summer holidays so we can do it again.

4) Going to the park with the kids, their friends and my friend.  My friend and I try to get together at half terms and holidays so the kids can spend some time with each other.  L and I manage coffee on a fairly regular basis but as the kids go to different schools they don't get to see each other as often as they'd like.  We had a lovely morning with the kids playing in the park and L and I sitting chatting.

5) Fun with Lego.  This amazing tower was started by the kids whilst I was out for my afternoon knitting and very soon Mr Miffy was helping out.  When I got home it was taller than Middle and the builders had quit for the day.  The next day Middle, Mr Miffy and I went back to work hunting down suitable pieces and putting the final part of the tower on top which was pretty tricky itself.  Still we were all very impressed with our tower and ourselves.  It was a very wobbly creation but despite this it stayed upright for the afternoon and overnight before Mr Miffy knocked it down.

6) Sitting in the garden with friends.  Some friends had a bit of a get together this week which involved letting the kids run wild in a huge garden while we drank tea and ate cake whilst occasionally intervening to maintain some vague kind of order.  The boys and I had a lovely afternoon and I even caught the sun a little :)  Then last night we were invited out to other friends for a BBQ which again involved food and sitting in the garden.  Very relaxing indeed.

7)Yarn shopping.  Well what can I say, you can't beat a bit of yarn shopping and I've been after some of this yarn for a good while now so while I had some spare pennies I thought I would treat myself.  I've got a couple of ideas as to what it will turn into.  Definitely something for me possibly a Centrique.  I think whatever it becomes it will be knit as part of my Year of Projects so watch this space.  I'll show you pics and let you know what it is when it arrives.

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