Wednesday, 22 June 2011

That Wednesday Feeling

Here we are with a Wednesday Work In Progress update.

I've not managed to find as much quiet time as I had hoped for the Roses Are Red shawl.  My deadline is starting to loom (in my mind at least) but I've been pretty busy in the day these last couple of weeks and have not had an afternoon to myself.  I think I may have to hide upstairs on my tod for half an hour this weekend and get the last row of this pattern repeat done and then I'll be able to do the easy stuff in the evenings.   In theory there's only one more pattern repeat to do one the current one is finished so it shouldn't take too long now.

On the other hand there's been plenty of TV knitting time most evenings this week in between helping Mr Miffy with his work so the Hitchhiker is going really well.  Just ignore the purple thread.  I dropped a stitch and didn't realise for a few rows so I'm just going to weave it in once I've finished.

The latest addition to the Miffy household is turning out to be quite a lap cat which I am loving.  He's fairly keen on helping out with the knitting though when he's awake.  My stash/project corner has never been so tidy.  I had to fetch a bamboo chest down from the loft and do some sorting out that that all the works in progress can be put away out of sight of yarn loving kitten eyes.  Mr Miffy is loving it.

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