Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Seven Good Things

Last week was been another busy one in the Miffy household in a couple of weeks everything will calm down as the end of term approaches but just now the kids are over tired and Mr Miffy has loads and LOADS of school stuff to get done so it's nice to take the time today to chill and focus on the positive things in life in my Seven On Sunday.

1) Coffee with friends.  Twice this week with two different friends.  Really lovely and relaxing both times.

2) New shoes.  After my coffee with L on Monday we went for a quick mooch round the shops and made the mistake of going into the shoe shop.  Now given that I only brought sandals the week before I should not have been looking for me but hey I was naughty and fell in love with a pair.  I um'd and ah'd about them for a couple of days but then went back for them.  Since I got them it has rained everyday and I've not been able to wear them yet but I'm sure they will get plenty of use.

3) It was Mr Miffy's school fair on Saturday so we went over with him while he ran the lucky dip stall.  We had a nice chilled time the boys spent lots of money on the various stalls and we had a burger each for lunch after Mr Miffy had done his time in the stocks having wet sponges thrown at him by the school pupils.

4) Both the boys got woopie cushions from the school fair so there has been lots of hilarity and slightly off colour humour in the Miffy household.  You can't begrudge them though when they are having such brilliant typically boy fun.

5) With this being report writing week for Mr Miffy there's been plenty of time for watching films in the evening while he's been working.  Though I could have done with more than 3 hours sleep I did enjoy my Alien movie fest.  I watched the first one on Wednesday evening and followed that up by watching two, three and four on Thursday evening.  It's been a while since I put them on and I'd forgotten just how much I love them.

6) Hitchhiker progress.  It's almost finished.  Pic will have to follow when it's all done though.

7) Eldest and guide camp.  Eldest went to her first Guide camp over the weekend, her first time under canvas too.  She had a fantastic time even though it rained all night Friday night.  She was sooooo tired though when we got her home.

No pictures today as Blogger simply refuses to load them, much to my annoyance.

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