Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Getting old?

Today is my birthday but funnily enough I don't feel as old as I have done recently. Do you really think that doing some regular exercise courtesy of the Wii Fit might acctually be having an effect. I'm not as tired as I was and though I haven't noticed DH reckons you can see a difference.

And of course today being a special day I have been thouroughly spoilt. DH and the kids, DD knows what she wants to buy and is very capable of making sure it is brought, have done me proud. I got chocolates, two Willow Tree figures and a new watch which I love.

Today we went to Straford Upon Avon for the day. We try to do this once a year. We visited the Butterfly Farm and then crossed the river on the Foot Ferry its the second pic down in the link. The kids and I love it. We went for lunch in town (note to self - I really must get this milk free eating out sorted) and a quick wander round the shops including a visit to Lush where I spent some Birthday money. Then it was back to the car and home for tea and birthday cake.

Looking forward to the coming year I am going to have a go at the Photojojo Project 365 which means taking a photo everyday for the next year. I will probably set up a new folder in my photobucket so I might not blog all of them but I am hoping that as well as making me think more about the simple things I do it will encourage me to blog on a more regular basis even if its just a few pictures. Hopefully it will also get me understanding photobucket better and using it more effectively. Now if I was an organised person I would be able to tell you where I saw the Photojojo first linked, I know I was reading blogs linked to Ravelry as I mouched about doing nothing much but beyond that I'm afraid I really have no idea. So thank you very much to the person whos blog sent me in that direction, I do appreciate it loads and I hope you are having a fab day!

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Nic said...

Happy birthday for yesterday! It sounds like a fab day.
Well done with the exercise too. I need a kick up the back-side at the moment and stop finding excuses to not use my gym card.