Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Getting old?

Today is my birthday but funnily enough I don't feel as old as I have done recently. Do you really think that doing some regular exercise courtesy of the Wii Fit might acctually be having an effect. I'm not as tired as I was and though I haven't noticed DH reckons you can see a difference.

And of course today being a special day I have been thouroughly spoilt. DH and the kids, DD knows what she wants to buy and is very capable of making sure it is brought, have done me proud. I got chocolates, two Willow Tree figures and a new watch which I love.

Today we went to Straford Upon Avon for the day. We try to do this once a year. We visited the Butterfly Farm and then crossed the river on the Foot Ferry its the second pic down in the link. The kids and I love it. We went for lunch in town (note to self - I really must get this milk free eating out sorted) and a quick wander round the shops including a visit to Lush where I spent some Birthday money. Then it was back to the car and home for tea and birthday cake.

Looking forward to the coming year I am going to have a go at the Photojojo Project 365 which means taking a photo everyday for the next year. I will probably set up a new folder in my photobucket so I might not blog all of them but I am hoping that as well as making me think more about the simple things I do it will encourage me to blog on a more regular basis even if its just a few pictures. Hopefully it will also get me understanding photobucket better and using it more effectively. Now if I was an organised person I would be able to tell you where I saw the Photojojo first linked, I know I was reading blogs linked to Ravelry as I mouched about doing nothing much but beyond that I'm afraid I really have no idea. So thank you very much to the person whos blog sent me in that direction, I do appreciate it loads and I hope you are having a fab day!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Well here we are again

It seems ages since I posted last but life has been very busy and there hasn't been alot of time for sitting and uploading photos etc. I am promising myself to be better from now on and also not to let DH be the only one who takes photos.

First pics are from a Rock Band night that we went to at a friends house. We had a fab time though we were completely shattered by the end of the night. We're planning more in the future! Though maybe without the dressing up ;)
Rock Chick
Scarey Bloke

Since the kids broke up from school I've been extra busy in the days too. Went to Burbage Common on the first Monday and did a nature trail with them which was great fun. The weather wasn't brilliant but the rain did hold off.

Other than that we've just been taking life easy and chilling out quite a bit. The kids are enjoying doing just everyday stuff for now. We have a few days out planned for the rest of the holiday so that will keep us entertained.

On the knitting front I have done a large shawl for DH's Gran, it still needs the tassels adding though so no photos yet. And my July socks are finished, July SocksI did wonder at one point if they were going to get done on time but they are. I'm thinking of doing some for Bean for August just so I can get them done a little quicker. However I have hit a small snag in my knitting plans. All my Woolfest stash is still in skeins! I have ordered a ball winder and I will try to get my Dad to make me a swift but in the meantime I am back to knitting from older stash for a little while longer.

And finally a picture of DH's new "toy". We had a tank a few years ago but for various reasons we let it wind down and so haven't had one for a while. This one is a tropical set up and having let it stand for a while we have today added some fish. There is one lurking in the picture honest - the rest hide when I approach with the camera.
There are fish in there - honest

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


... I have lit a candle for my friend Sasha and her family in remembrance of their son Thomas.

I think of you all everyday and I wish you peace and strength now and always.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Catching Up

I don't feel like I have stopped for the last couple of weeks and I know that next week isn't going to be much better but I have finaly found some time this morning to start catching up a bit.

I got back from Woolfest on Sunday evening and spent the night chilling out with DH and the kids.

Monday morning at school I discovered it was sports day in the afternoon so I had to get all my stuff done in the morning so I could still go and watch DD. She was brilliant and even won her heat of the Egg and Spoon race!

Thursday was filled with trips to and from school. It was transfer day so DD spent the day with her new Yr 3 teacher (who she loves already) and DS1 had an hour in school with his new teacher. Then it was back to tots to grab a quick coffee and to pick Bean up. Then I took the boys into town for lunch (getting soaked in the process - gotta love that rain) and then over to my friends so I could look after her youngest while she took her DS1 into school for his hour with his new teacher.

Friday was DS1's playgroup concert. They did the story "We're Going On A Bear Hunt" and it was fab. Tesco shopping the in the afternoon and suddenly the week was gone. I can't even remeber what I did on Tuesday and Wednesday but I know I didn't get any spare time to play online much let alone do my blog.

And today is the school fair!

Roll on next Friday and the end of term. At least the pace of life can slow down a little then!

My Very Own Colourway

And I LOVE it.

My Colourway

Thank you so much Sarah.

Woolfest Stast

I've done a separate post for my Woolfest shopping cos even though I didn't go mad there is still quite a bit of it and or course several photos to be shared.

First up is my sock yarn from The Yarn Yard. Natalie was lovely and I am really looking forward to starting the Orange/Brown colourway. It is next on my sock list! DD is trying to lay claim to the purple/green skien but as she has a specially requested yarn on its way she can wait to see whats left over from my socks.
Yarn Yard Sock Yarn

Next is 3 skiens of Alpaca/Silk DK from The Natural Dye Studio. I spent forever trying to choose this but managed to make a selection in the end. It is destined to be a shawl for my MIL.
Natural Dye Studio Yarn

From KraftyKoala I got some 50% merino 50% tencel 4 Ply sock yarn in Carnival. It has a beautiful shine to it and it is very soft. I also got a skien of Organically Farmed Merino DK in Waterlilly.
KraftyKoala Yarn

Whilst visiting KraftyKoala I also fell in love with Nic's fishy fabric so I just couldn't resist the Fishy Sock Project Bag, I have ordered a DPN roll to go with it ;)
Sock Project Bag

My final yarn purchase was 4 balls of Regia 6 ply. Not as exciting as my hand dyed yarn but at a price that couldn't be resisted.
6 Ply Sock Yarn

I got a collection of bits and pieces including a set of crochet hooks (can you belive that apart from two small ones I didn't have any till now), some small bamboo DPNs for knittting dark coloured socks, stitch markers and some little heart shaped tags which read "made with love" for attaching for finished objects.
Needles and Notions

And of course my Ravelry/Woolfest vest top which is just fab!
Vest Top

Well What Can I Say??????

It was my first trip to Woolfest and it was fantastic!!!!! I just had such a fabulous time.

I left just after the school run on Friday and drove over to pick Sarah up and then we were officially off :) Despite being long the drive up was OK and thankfully dry.

We went straight to Woolfest of course and spent a few hours wandering around, meeting people and just drinking up the atmosphere.

Woolfest 2

Woolfest 3

It was just stunning to see so much wool and fibre in so many different colours in one place. I just didn't know where to start, I think I only brought 3 skiens on the Friday and some stitch markers. Oh and tea and some rather yummy carrot cake ;) And of course Sheep and Alpacas.



Sarah tried her hand at long draw spinning

Sarah Long Draw Spinning

Then it was off to the campsite (the long way round ;) ) to set the tent up. And my wasn't that fun! By this point it was pouring down and the wind was howling but at least it was daylight. It took some doing and we got soaked through in the process but we did get the tent up in the end and it stayed dry inside.

Tent! Well Obviously

Lottie arrived in time for tea and then we just crashed out and chatted.

Us 3 At Woolfest

Saturday was bright and clear and we went into Cockermouth to Sarah's favourite cafe for breakfast which was lovely and then we called into shoe shop on the way back to the car. Sarah was trying on Crocs but it was me that ended up buying a pair!!! You have to admit though they don't look like your average Crocs and they will show off my hand knitted socks beautifully.
Yes Really - Crocs!!!

Once back at Woolfest I brought more yarn and more goodies and wandered around again just looking at everything. We tried on hats.


Baby Devil ;)

Later we just sat and knitted for a while before a last spend and a last look round.

Sunday morning we had to take the tent back down, pack everything away in the car and then it was back to real life. In the rain again so not such a nice drive but the music was good thanks to Sarah's DH.

I had a wonderful time with fantastic friends and it was great to meet new people particularly Ambermoggie (thanks for the vest top)
Vest Top
and Woolydoodles (Hi Jack) and ClaireUK, if you want to see pics of everybody we met then I'll send you over to Sarah's blog cos she took loads of people photos.

The only question now is do I do Woolfest again next year or do I try out Wonderwool? And no I can't do both!

A Day On The Farm

The Tuesday before Woolfest was DS1's playgroup trip. We went to Broomey Croft Childrens Farm for the day.

I had originaly planned it to be just me and DS1 but then my babysitter had to cancel so we had to give up our places on the bus so I could take Bean with us. However when the day of the trip came I managed to get another sitter at short notice so I rang playgroup and managed to get us back on the bus.

We were lucky and got a gorgeous day for the trip bright sunshine but no so hot that it was uncomfortable. The farm is a little one which makes it a perfect size for entertaining 3 and 4 year olds for a few hours. They provided animal food for us DS1 loved feeding the goats though he did get very cross with the one who stole Z's paper bag of food from her and ate it bag and all.

Feeding the Goats

Before lunch we went on a tractor ride round the back of the farm which DS1 declared to be great fun but very bumpy!

On the Tractor Ride

We had a picnic lunch and later the kids had a lolly from the shop before it was time to get back on the bus and come home.

On the Bus Home

Once home it was time for the dieticians appointment. To be honest she didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. He is now confirmed as lactose intolerant and we have been advised to continue with the lactose free diet but to challenge him every so often to see if his tolerance has improved any. The dietician suspects (as I have done for a while now) that the intolerance is hereditry (from me) in which case he will never totally grow out of it. Hopefully though things will improve for him as they have for me. They checked his height and weight again and reviewed his diet with me, suprisingly she seemed quite happy with it and just suggested giving fruit or veg with everymeal in order to get him in the habbit of eating some each meal time.