Sunday, 22 May 2011

Seven On Sunday

I'm somewhat later to this today than I meant to be but we've had a busy weekend and I've pretty much only just sat down.

Anyway here are my Seven On Sunday.  Seven reasons to feel good about life and to remember how blessed we are.

1)  My first this week occurred to me when I was watching the kids play in the garden whilst I was washing up.  There are some pretty big bald patches in the grass under the swings.  I think they rather annoy Mr Miffy but when I see them I just remember how much fun the kids are having outdoors this spring.  It's fab to see them enjoying the garden so much and getting so much fresh air and fun.

2)  Next up is my nearly empty bird feeder and the visiting Blue Tit that I saw from the bedroom window this week.We've never had much luck with feeders in the garden before.  I think now that our beloved Felix cat must have been the birder of our cat family.  We sadly lost her last November but since then there have been alot less presents of birds left by the back door and alot more live birds hopping about the garden.

3) Still with the garden theme I am very pleased to tell you that we have our first frogs in the pond.  Much sooner than Mr Miffy and I expected too.  One is a fair size (that's the one in the photo) and the other is just a little one.  We've moved a few of the cobbles in the pond about to make a bigger space.  The kids are very excited about the frogs and have been very sensible (so far) with the pond.  The water is still very shallow but it means they can get a better view of the frogs.

4) We have gained some new family members this weekend too.  First up are the stick insects.  There are 6 at the moment though more may follow.  They are living in the boys room and are kind of belonging to Middle who has been patiently waiting for them for several weeks.  I have no illusions though I know that the cleaning out will fall to me for the time being at least.

5) Middle wasn't the only member of the family to get a new pet this weekend.  I finally got my Bearded Dragon.  I've been waiting to get one for a few years now.  Mainly because we want Bean to be old enough to understand how to be gentle with one.  Someone Mr Miffy knows was needing to re home theirs so we went along to see him and unsurprisingly came home with him.  He is now settled into his new home and right now is dozing.  He's not been handled too much of late but he seems fairly happy with us so we are hoping that he'll soon be out and about with the family and will be able to be held by us all.

6) It's been a busy week here at the Miffy house.  I've walked into town every morning to get the Lego toys being given away by one of the national newspapers.  Not a paper I would ever normally by but it was a great way to get some new Lego for the boys and they have been very excited by it all and also very appreciative, especially Middle, which makes the effort involved more than worthwhile.

7) My last good thing is actually probably the best though it is also the simplest.  Eldest was pretty poorly over last week end and the beginning of this week. She's not often ill and when she is it tends to hit her hard so she was pretty out of it and felt very sorry for herself.  It was nothing serious just a virus but I was still very happy to watch her getting better and to see her back to her normal self. 

So there you are.  Seven positive things to help me remember how blessed we are in our lives.

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