Sunday, 29 May 2011

Seven On Sunday

We've been rather busy this weekend so I'm a bit late posting this but hey, that's life and here are my Seven On Sunday.

1) First up has got to be "It's half term next week!!!"  This means an easy weekend for us all followed by lots of family time over the next week.

2) In other news I managed to go out for coffee twice on Monday.  Rather naughty I know but it just kinda fell that way.  We also went to visit the new Lakeland on Monday morning.  I do love Lakeland but until now it's been a bit of a luxury because I've had to order online and pay the postage.  It was lovely to be able to go and see the stuff in real life and buy without having to add on postage.

3) I really, really love my winter coat.  And this is a good thing cos it's been back out this week as it's been so cold and horrid.  I had a new coat for last winter as having lost quite alot of weight my old coat (which was getting on in life anyway) needed replacing and I found a fab Joe Browns coat which I fell in love with.  When you wear something everyday you get used to it but having not worn it for a few weeks I discovered all over again just how much I do love it.  Saying that though I won't be at all sorry when the wind drops and the warmer weather comes back to us.

4) Cuddles from my kids.  They've all been quite cuddly this week and it's lovely to get a quick hug now and again.

5) We've named the bearded dragon now.  After some family discussion I lost out and his new name is Spike.  Spike is settling in well and has even been out of the viv a couple of times to sit on my knee.  He great fun to watch and his personality is really starting to show.

6) Still on the subject of Spike we went yesterday morning to fetch him some more live food.  He thoroughly enjoys his locusts so we got plenty of those and have set them up in a tank on top of the viv.  Mr Miffy and I had lots of fun watching them demolish their cabbage yesterday afternoon.  It is amazing how fast they can get through it and you can understand just how devastating a plague of locusts must be.

7) Our pond now has some proper pond life in it.  Mr Miffy brought home a tank on Friday with some tadpole in a a couple of inches of water from the pond where he works.  I can't believe I never thought to get some pond water from someone before it's the most obvious way to get our pond up and running.  There are now all sorts of bugs and creatures living in our pond.  We also took the opportunity to move a few more of the stones around to create a wider swimming space for the new inhabitants.

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