Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Turning of the Season

It's very nearly the end of our Easter holidays in fact Mr Miffy went back to school today.  I'm missing him already, it seems a bit odd me and the kids home without him.

We've been very lucky this year, I think partly because Easter has been so late, and the weather has been fab.  The kids have spent hours out in the garden just having fun and mucking about which has been lovely.

Mr Miffy and I got out in the garden again this last weekend and so there are now tubs planted up with lettuce, radish and carrots.  The mini plot in the front garden has been planted up with beetroot.

Eldest and I also put some nastertians in her flower garden so grow around her willow tepees.

I love this time of year the garden is really waking up now as the new seasons comes alive.  I feel myself becoming more alive too.

I love lots of things about the winter those long afternoons curled up with a blanket knitting.  Walks in the snow.  The fact that I don't feel guilty for putting my PJ's on at 6.30 in the evening and settling down for the night.  A hot water bottle every night and my big heavy duvet on the bed.

However for all that there comes a point where I really need for it to stop raining and brighten up.  For the garden to dry out so I can hang washing on the line without needing to put my wellies on first.  For the flowers to bloom and the green to return.  For the smell of fresh cut grass and spring flowers.  For me to be able to leave the house without layers of jumpers and coats and gloves.

So here I am welcoming the turning of the year and looking forward to the coming summer and even more warmth yet I know by September I'll be longing for the nights to draw in so I can go back to my winter hibernation.

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