Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday

I really can't believe that it is Wednesday again already.  In fact when I got up this morning and staggered downstairs to make lunch for the masses (at 7.00 in the morning 4 people seems like masses) I was genuinely surprised to find that it is indeed Wednesday.  I think this sadly says more about my mental health at the moment than how fast the week is going though.

Anyway onto the knitting.  I've been totally swept up in the Shawl of My Own Invention which I have been hugely enjoying.  I have a picture for you but I'm afraid it's pretty similar to the previous pictures I am hopeful though that the knitting will soon be done and the shawl on the blocking boards.  Probably not for this Friday but maybe for next.

If you want to see me work in progress then follow the links from Tami's blog.

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