Monday, 9 May 2011

Visitors to the Garden.

We got some much needed rain over the weekend.  It's been dry for weeks and we've been watering the pots and flower beds every couple of days which is OK but we don't water the grass and that was starting to look rather dry and certainly not very green.

Yesterday afternoon the world dried out again and the sun came back out and you could virtually watch the grass growing.  I'm hoping that I'm going to see lots of seedlings coming through in the next couple of days now they've had a good drink.

Or course the grass and flowers haven't been the only things to enjoy the rain.  Middle and Bean were fasinated with this snail and spent quite sometime encouraging him to slide onto their stick.  Normally I chuck snails into the composte bin in an effort to keep them away from my plants but I let this one just crawl away on his own.

 Of course the snails haven't been the only visitors to our garden.  Mr Miffy and I spotted these littlies one evening last week.  At this size I can cope with spiders quite well it's when they get bigger I tend to run away.

I took Bean outside to see them the next afternoon he was very impressed by the tiny spiders but less keen when they started casting their webs to get carried away on the breeze.

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